How do I change a variable on a NetworkServer.Spawn Object?

Hi. Im trying to make a projectile that recieves a target Object to move towards. the idea is that the network spawns the projectile on all clients, but it’s movement is client-sided

Im using these lines to spawn and define the variable, inside a command function

void CmdshootProjectile(string name, int damage){
    GameObject projec = Instantiate (proj, transform.position, transform.rotation);
    projec.GetComponent<Projectile> ().target = clickTarget;
    NetworkServer.Spawn (projec);

On the host is able to spawn the projectiles correctly, and they move towards the target, but when another client does the same, the projectile stands still, and I get the error saying that the “target” variable on the projectile’s script is empty, and the host’s projectile doesn’t move on the client player either. How do I set the “target” variable of the projectile for all clients? What am I doing wrong?

Bump. Please help. I’ve been running around in circles here for hours now

Follow mispy answer,maybe you can solve the problem.
Try [SyncVar] your projectile class’s variable “target”