How do I change multiple pivot points in the Sprite Editor?

I’ve got several sprite animations that I need to set custom pivot points on, but I can’t figure out how to select multiple frames in the sprite editor. Selecting them in the project window doesn’t work either as it only makes the changes for the top item selected.

Is there a way change the pivot points for multiple frames of animation either in the sprite editor or outside of it without scripting?

I know this could be an old question, but for who is here in 2020 if you select your sprite and open the Sprite Editor, on top left click on the slice dropdown menu, and there you can find the values to apply to all pivots.

I am not sure if you are still searching for the answer a year later but maybe this will help someone else with the same problem.

In Unity 5, try setting the pivot point on the first sprite. Copy the x and y values (of where the pivot should be) and close the Sprite Editor. Then in your Project View, select all your sprites. Change pivot to custom and copy the values in, then hit Apply and it should set the pivot the same for all your sprites.

Hope this helps!

If you want to set the pivot of multiple individual sprites in Unity 2017.4 select the sprites you would like to change in Project view. In the Inspector set Sprite Mode to Multiple to expose the Pivot option. Set the pivot to Custom, then edit the X Y coordinates hitting enter after each entry.
Change Sprite Mode back to Single then hit apply.

Just open the folder with the sprite file. Then make it visible and replace all alignment values to whatever you want ( 0 = center, 1 = top left etc. ) You can also give it the value ‘9’ for custom and replace the pivot coordinates aswell :wink:

is it possible to create multiple pivot points for a single sprite?

i think its possible to create multiple pivot point for single sprite.