How do i change my attack depending on which item i have equipped?

so im making a 2D roguelike platformer game kinda like dead cells and dungreed but with magic and spells and i’m right now trying to figure out how to make an inventory system which tells the player which attacks to perform when i press the “Fire1” Input, so i need help with making such an inventory system and also i need help with being able to switch my spells depending on what spellbook i have equipped. I currently only have 1 spell Prefab set to shoot out like a bullet when i press space (i followed Brackeys old 2D Shooting in Unity video), i honestly have no clue how to add more attacks and how to make an inventory system so if anyone has a clue i could really use some help:)

First, Watch this Simple Inventory System in Unity (Store, Use, Stack and Drop Items) - YouTube . Now, write a Switch Statement and attack according to case(s).

If you want a variant in your attack, you can store them in an array and use them as per your switch cases.