How do I change my statics at start of new game.

So when the player finishes my game I want all the statics to be reset to original values and I’ve read you have to change them manually. At my control screen I have attached a script to the camera that I thought should change my statics back to false. Basically my game is remembering I have keys I shouldn’t have and remembering that I’ve gotten things that I shouldn’t when I start a new game. so my script looks like this. Where am I going wrong, I am telling it specifically all these things are false again but it is remembering them as true. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can reset them obviously when I quit the game but I want to understand how to change these values back. It must be possible. I know I probably shouldn’t have made so many statics but changing them back at a new game start must be possible, right? Otherwise why even use one static if it going to keep data even at a new game start. Anyway that is my question.

void Awake()

	saveScene.hasPatioDoorKey = false;
	saveScene.doorOpened = false;
	saveScene.doorUnlocked = false;
	saveScene.playerHasShaft = false;	
	saveScene.windDoorOpen = false;
	saveScene.moveWall = false;
	saveScene.balconyDoorkey = false;
	saveScene.riflePickedUp = false;
	saveScene.hasCabkey = false;
	saveScene.hasKeyCard = false;
	saveScene.waterDrained = false;
	saveScene.openedThePatioDoor = false;
	saveScene.zombActive = false;
	saveScene.zombReadied = false;
	saveScene.hallWayDoorOpen = false;
	saveScene.storageDoorOpen = false;



Are you certain that Awake() is being called when you restart your game?
Add a Debug.Log("Awake called!"); to the top of the function to check if your code is running when you expect it to.