How do I change scenes from triggers in UNity

I need a clear and concise answer from start to finish please? Assume no scripting exp. and assume no coding has been done yet. Thank you K

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First off, answers are posted here, nor do we hold your hand while we help you. You should probably remove your e-mail address from your post unless you want to get spammed.

To set up a trigger that loads a level, place a Box Collider in your world where you want the trigger to be, mark the "Is Trigger?" checkbox in the collider properties in the Inspector, and then attach something like this script (you must call the filename LevelTrigger.cs) to the same object that the Box Collider contains:

using UnityEngine;

public class LevelTrigger : MonoBehaviour
     void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other)

As it happens, I posted a demo of a Level Manager object, which loads multiple scenes. It can be found on the Forums at: Simple Demo of a Level Manager. It includes a complete set of (C#) scripts that switch levels, each time the user clicks on an object in the current Scene.

And yes, you may need to understand how scripting works, to modify it to work in your game. Writing scripts is a major part of Unity development.