How do I Change States in Animations?

Is there any way to force a change in animation state before the current state’s animation is finished?

I want to be able to change running transitions from one side to the other without having to go through the middle no animation/idle state

This is so that the player can suddenly run in the opposite direction and maintain the running animation without interruption

Usually the left and right animation is the same animation - just inverted by x scale value. So instead of switching the animation when direction is changed - the same animation continues to play but the input triggers a X scale value, so it essentially mirrors the animation - but it continues to play.
If this set up does not work, you can attempt to sync and play both left and right run animations at the same time - and use has exit time toggle to allow the input to change the direction - regardless if the animation has completed or not. If the animations are synced - when the direction is changed - there will be no noticeable change in the animation.