how do i change the font size on a gui text box

Im using c#. The unity API didn’t help much. In unity, the text look fine, but on the phone the text in the box is so small, that you almost cant read it.

GUI.Box (new Rect (Screen.width / 10, Screen.width / 10 * 8, Screen.width / 10 * 8, Screen.width / 10), "YOUR HIGHEST SCORE WAS: " + PlayerPrefs.GetInt ("highScore"));

void OnGUI() {
// Create style for a button
GUIStyle myButtonStyle = new GUIStyle(;
myButtonStyle.fontSize = 50;
// Load and set Font
Font myFont = (Font)Resources.Load(“Fonts/comic”, typeof(Font));
myButtonStyle.font = myFont;
// Set color for selected and unselected buttons
myButtonStyle.normal.textColor =;
myButtonStyle.hover.textColor =;

// use style in button
bool testButtonTwo = GUI.Button(new Rect(10,10,50,50), “test”, myButtonStyle);


@Reder13 how do you change the font

or you could just do: = 30;

or whatever size you want. just make sure you do that before your box and if you want a different font for another box just redo it and change the value.