How do I change the pivot points on each poly of this icosphere?

I’m building a basic planet builder demo and I’m trying to instantiate a building on one of the faces of the icosphere I imported from Blender (80 individual sides). The problem is when the building appears and I set localposition to (0,0,0), it goes to the middle of the planet, not to the specific polygon I want.
After some digging it looks like this is becasue the pivot point for each one of the 80 sides is in the very centre of the planet, not at the polygon itself. So…how do? I want to be able to build a planet on a specific polygon, but no matter where I try to build it, it always ends up in the centre of the planet.

Thanks for your help!

You could create an empty parent gameobject for each of your polygons at the relative position, and spawn the building at the parent instead.

So I managed to fix this issue by reexporting my model from Blender with all of the Local Axes of each polygon readjusted to be in the right position and also the right rotation. Couldn’t find a way of fixing this in Unity without a plugin.