How do I change the scale of only a portion of the object

Need when you press the up and down to change only the body, but to the top and bottom are not resized. Tried fully for all object zoom, but the top and bottom will melt very thick, they do not have to change the scale

Also did so, broke apart and script resizes … but also did not work, also tried all trom often asked rigidbody and link them join

But also turned out badly

Help me … :slight_smile:

You cant solve this by simply scaling everything on one axis. You need to scale the center column only and then shift the top to follow it.
I have attached a simple fix. I added an empty gameobject to the bottom of the body to do the scaling and an empty gameobject to the top to act as an anchor point for your top.

Did you tried changing your pivote point .
Make it a child of an empty game object and make the pivote point at its corner and try scaling the parent it will scale
from one portion .