How do I change the size of a toggle?

I’m making an android game and wanted to use the toggle in a settings menu, but it appears really tiny on the screen.

I have the feeling that I’m missing something in the Rect Transform and the Render Mode for the Canvas but not sure what.

It looks like my game is 15 by 10 units and my canvas got a default size of 906 x 604 scaled by 0.016556 in all directions.

I’ve tried all the options in Render Mode and have tried changing the size to 15x10 with a scale of 1, but nothing seems make it look any better.

What should these settings be so that the game looks consistent on the device and in the game preview screen? Any help is appreciated.

The size of your canvas object should be the resolution you want. You can change the resolution (and size) using the Canvas Scaler component.

In the same component you have scaler options. Using “Scale With Screen Size” and then using the “Expand” method should work OK in most cases. “Expand” matches the whole canvas inside the screen, preserving aspect ratio. You can use other methods if you need something different (like matching always the width).

Try to avoid messing with the scale for UI objects, Unity does some automatic scaling for Canvas objects to make things fit where they’re supposed to.

ok heres how: just change the SCALE property in the inspector!