How do I change the size of EVERYTHING?

So I was creating my first level ever, and I put in a terrain, and then I put in my character and my trees, and made it all to scale. I wanted to add physics, and then I realized that since one unit = one meter, my character was about 20 meters long and the trees were about 700 meters tall. My question is as follows: Is there an easy way to scale EVERY object in the game (including the distances between other objects) at once?

Meater 6, I think your ideas would mostly work, but I used an in-game terrain object, so I can’t scale that down in my 3-d modeling program. Thanks anyways, I’ll try!

If they all have the same scale transform, select them all and scale them down in the transform component. You could also use the scale handle (r).

But since your using actual meshes, your probably should go into your 3D Modeling software and scale the actual mesh. This way everything can be scaled at 1. Unfortunately, since that part is in the 3D Modeling software and not unity, that could be long or short, and I cannot help you with that.

I personally would go with the second option, because I hate having things with scale 0.01 or 100 when they don’t need to be, but its a personal preference.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: