How do i change the text color on GUI.Label ?

I tried to make style.font.material.color = Color.white; i want the text to be display in white. But i’m getting null exception on this line.

void OnGUI()
    		if (lookatsky == true) 
    			GUIStyle style = new GUIStyle();
    			style.fontSize = 70;
    			style.font.material.color = Color.white;
    			var w1 = 150;
    			var h1 = 150;
    			Rect rect = new Rect((Screen.width-150)/2, (Screen.height-150)/2 + 100, w1, h1);
    			GUI.Label (rect, "The sky is full of spaceships wow this is great", style); 

Color for that gui system is done using GUI.color

Edit: Sorry didn’t realize you were using styles.
Found this instead: Custom font in GUI.Label, but can't change it's color - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions