How Do I Change The Transform Data For Each Object?

How do I change where the XYZ arrows are pointing on each object without rotating or moving the objects to match them such as like if a human model has the data generally the Z axis is always pointing out towards from the face of the human object like this eg. here.

You can only actually set that up inside the modeling program you are using.

There is a trick to work around it though. The object you want to change the axis on I'll call ObjectX:

  • create an empty GameObject
  • make the empty GameObject the child of ObjectX
  • reset the Transform of the empty GameObject (it should now center ObjectX)
  • unparent the empty GameObject
  • rotate the empty GameObject so that it's axis are the way you'd like them to be on ObjectX
  • make the empty GameObject the parent of ObjectX

now if you for instance move the empty GameObject transform.forward it will go forward the way you'd expect it to (facing forward) instead of the way it was modeled to. Also, I remember following this very tutorial ages ago and also got really frustrated about them not explaining this bit.. >:(

Good luck with the tutorial!