How do I check collision above?

I’m trying to check if my player collider hits another collider above it. Im not sure how the OnCollisionEnter function works or how to use collisionflags but is that what I would use?

I don’t know about OnCollisionEnter, but here’s a simple way of knowing if a player has entered a specific zone (I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for):

Firstly, give your player the tag “Player” in the top left of the inspector tab.

On top of your player, there should be an empty gameObject that has a Box Collider, be sure to mark it as “Is Trigger” and add a javascript. In this example, the script is called “IsPlayerIn”.

Then, in the script write:

#pragma strict

function OnTriggerEnter (theCollider : Collider)
	if (theCollider.tag == ("Player"))
		Debug.Log("Player has entered");

When you play the game and jump (or enter the box collider) there should be a message on the console that reads “Player has entered”.

Hope this was helpful!