How do I check for errors in Visual Studio

In MonoDevelop, I could press the play button and know where I have code errors. How/Can I do that in Visual Studio? I am new to Visual Studio.


when i start installing my unity setup ,it does not give me architecture option and i can’t select the 32 bit and 64 bit option and my setup is installed in 64 bit by default so therefore it cannot run properly at my system because my system is not supported 64 bit.It is supported 32 bit only.Kindly give me a solution i have a short time to complete my assignment and i am waiting for your reply…

There’s a “Build” option in the menu, and “Build Solution” under that. That will compile the project using .NET and give you a list of all the errors. Or you can just tab over to Unity and it will do that for you automatically and show you the errors.