How do I cleanly uninstall re-install Unity Web player on my Win 7 system?

I have been struggling with this issue since yesterday.

I have been attempting to install the Unity Web Player, Unity Plugin version:
4.1.2f1 on my system which runs Windows 7

However it runs into issues with the install.If I just run the installation program.
Thus I attempted to run the program in Administrator mode and the program appeared to instal. When I tried to open up a a web browser game (with Chrome and Firefox) that required the player it displayed an error lunching unity player and it suggested that I installed it manually.

Knowing that I just installed the program I attempted to uninstall it using the control panel, however the uninstall option did not work.
I Attempted to find the files associated with the program and manually deleted them and attempted to install again.
The the cycle just started over again with the next install.

Please help
-Thank you

I do have the exact same problem.
Fresh install didn’t work on my Windows 7 (64bit).
And now trying to uninstall the web player but getting an error message.
“Error launching installer”