How do i combine first and third person views?

I recently started a new project and i’m not sure about how to go about doing this.
I want to be able to have a first person view as well as a third.
Any suggestions would come in handy.

Here’s a list of steps that will get you started if you follow them correctly.

Have 1 camera as the main camera.

Have either 4 vector3s or 2 gameobjects that represent the First Person Position/Rotation & the Third Person Position/Rotation.

Make an enum or a bool to identify if the camera state is first person or third.

Make 2 functions one for first person & one for third.

In the functions Use Vector3.lerp & Quaternion.lerp to lerp between the positions & the rotations.

Use OnButtonDown switch the camera state.

& You’re done :D.

Hopefully this helps,

  • Jabez.