How do I config NGUI screen to fit Mobile device?

I’m creating an app for Android and eventually iPhone. I;m using NGUI. I can see the app running on my Android (Samsung S4 1920x1080). I’ve sized the app in Unity to be 320x480. When I run the app using unity remote it appears stretched on the Android screen. Can any one help me fix this, so I can run my app on any device Andriod or IPhone? Thanks for you help.

I just got the app loaded into my Android Via USB and ATP (Android File Transfer) and running. It runs but it’s over sized for the screen. I only see a portion of the app. What do I need to do to fix? Thanks.

The way i achieved this is by getting the screen resolution of the device and scaling the GUI to fit that specific screen per device…

var ScreenRES_Width: float;
var ScreenRES_Height: float;

function Start(){



function AutoSizeScreen(){
ScreenRES_Width = Screen.width;
ScreenRES_Height = Screen.height;

if(ScreenRES_Width < 800 && ScreenRES_Height < 480){


}else if(ScreenRES_Width == 800 && ScreenRES_Height == 480 ){





//Debug Purposes ( Can Delete at a later date when not needed)** ( DELETE WHEN DONE!!!!)
TempResW = Screen.width;
TempResH = Screen.height;

of course this script is referencing 4 other CUSTOM GUIs i have made to fit the size of different screens for different devices.

this is code straight from one of my own scripts. nothing was edited. the point is that you have to find the screen res by finding the height and width and then mold your GUI pixelinset accordingly.