How do I configure my humanoid animation?

Hello, I imported a character that I made in Blender and imported him into Unity. When I try to configure the avatar, Unity says I’m not allowed because no matter how I configure the bones, at least one says This bone is not a child of this other bone (more or less). Anyway, I tried reparenting the bone to the other bone to see if the message went away. Instead of that message I got the message This bone has a bone length of zero. My chest has the legs parented to it, my shoulders have arms parented to them, and the chest and shoulders are parented to my armature object. This is the way it imported. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

The problem was that I did not establish my rig correctly. Bones were not parented to the right bones, so it was not mechanim-compatible. Here’s the tutorial I found:
Click here for tutorial

I hope this helps any other newbs that may make the same mistakes as me :smiley: