How do I connect to a server in LAN from a different computer? I'm using and nodejs

The connection is working locally just fine. But I need to connect to different machine (which runs node js server) which act as client. I’m using to transfer data.

The server is running on the local host in server PC.
This is the URL which I’m using in client to connect locally.


This is the server side code related to the port
var io = require(‘’)(process.env.PORT||52300)

I have tried connecting server and client using this URL, but there was no luck.
( is server IP address)

I cannot seem to connect from a different machine which shares the same LAN. Can any one help? I’m really stuck here.

I have been working to update GitHub - AlexanderDykov/Unity-NodeJS-Game: Simple Unity(client) + node.js(server) game project and had no problem having a remote laptop running a Client with the Url changed to the Host’s IP.
I replaced the with (my Host’s IP) and it ran fine over WiFi to the LAN the Host is on. No changes were needed to the server.js file.
I’d double check how the Client Url is established. In this project it is hardcoded in the Network script, but overwritten in the Editor.
My project is at GitHub - CmdrZin/NodeJS: Node.js Server/Client project examples