How do I connect to the asset server when everything seems setup correctly?

  • I have installed the asset server on
    two machines.
  • 1 machine is acting as the server and
    a new project has been setup
  • the server machine firwall has its
    settings adjusted to allow Unity Asset Server
  • The router has port 10733 open and
    this has been verified successful be
    testing the port at
    on both machines. The port IS open.
  • I have verified that the server
    service is running by checking it in
    the services. Everything looks fine.

When I try to connect to my project from the client pc (also with asset server installed) using the correct ip, user name, password etc I just get the message : Could not connect to Server: Connection refused. Is the server running on host…blah etc and accepting TCP/IP connections on 10733…to which the answer is yes to both questions.

Both pcs are Windows 8.

Any ideas?

When you’re in your own home, using the internal IP address of the server machine works fine!

So basically, you CANT use the external ip when you inside your own network. Seems obvious, but nobody told me that at the start.