How do I control alembic animations through code?

I’ve got some alembic animations imported and inside my scene, and now I want to control when they start, when they finish, even from what point to what point of the animation in seconds they can be played, all through a script. This is because I want something to happen when the player reaches a trigger, then the animation backwards when another thing happens.


I’ve did a bit of research but I can’t find anything relating to alembic and code in the same sentence. I then realized that there was this " AlembicStreamPlayer" inside the imported alembic, which had this “time” parameter that can be played with even in runtime to change the animation. I thought that if I could get that parameter and change it I could do everything I wanted! Turns out that that class is an internal class and I cannot access anything from inside it. Is there any other way that I can control the alembic animations?

Thank you

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