How do I convert the Prefabs in my Hierarchy to GameObjects?

I think I have made a mistake at some point, and the objects in my Hierarchy are Prefabs rather than GameObjects. They all have the blue icon as opposed to the transparent one. I may be wrong about this (new to Unity), but my suspicion is that they are supposed to be instantiations of their respective Prefabs, but instead they are the actual Prefabs themselves. I only noticed when I was attempting to set the parent of an instantiated object in a script, and got the following error messge:

> Setting the parent of a transform which resides in a Prefab Asset is disabled to prevent data corruption 

So unless I’m completely wrong, and the problem is something entirely different, my question is how can I convert the Prefabs in my scene to instantiations of the Prefabs?


If you want to convert a prefab to rightclick on it and choose “Unpack Prefab”.

However, I am not sure that is what you want. If you update the prefab later, these objects wont get updated. Could you show the code? If you have a reference to a prefab and then instantiate you should get a clone of that prefab as a normal gameobject if I am not mistaken. Then you should be able to manipulate parents inside of the prefab without any problems.