How do I copy complex gameobjects from one project to another?

I have a complex gameObject of a city with terrains, textures, building models with their textures, etc. How can I copy this from an one Unity project to another?

Everything that is under the Project tab, can be exported to a Package - including Scenes. Use the mouse to click on things, shift-click to pick an entire range, ctrl-click to select individual items. Then do an Assets->Export Package, which creates a .package file that you can re-import into your other project.

Easiest way would be to make it into a prefab, then right click on the prefab in your project view and export package including dependencies.

Just wanted to point out, that only the prefab to export way works for me. Otherwise, the actual GameObject doesn’t get exported.


1) Create prefab and rename
2) Drag object to prefab
3) mark prefab
4) Assests -> Export Package
5) include all dependencies

Note, that the directory structure will be preserved. So if your prefab is in a directory, this directory will be created when you import the package.


  1. Create prefab and rename
  2. Drag object to prefab
  3. mark prefab
  4. Assests → Export Package
  5. include all dependencies