How do I create a 2D Seamless World Map?

How could I create a world map with interactive buttons inside, but when you move the screen left and right the map keeps repeating and the buttons are still in place? The repeating texture should function just like google maps where you can keep scrolling left or right, but the buttons should also be there. I have looked at about every forum now so if you have any tips that would be very helpful.

Just a very basic idea on what I would do. You will ofc have to figure out the details yourself:
Your map is a picture? How about creating a second picture and just putting it next to the original whenever the camera is far enough to the side to make it necessary. Then once the camera has scrolled so far that the original isnt in frame anymore just set it back exactly 1 width of the image to the direction you came from.

Ofc you will have to also register mouseclicks on the cloned map correctly to the originals position.