How do i create a character scroll??

Hi im trying to create a scene where i am able to scroll through the characters i have, by clicking on the screen, and moving the 3d objects across it just like you would in crossy road, or smashy road:59008-screen-shot-2015-11-29-at-115159-pm.png

this is what i have right now… And I’ve tried using the UI scroll rect… but I’m not sure how to use it with a gameobject… and haven’t had much luck outside of this… Any ideas???

I think you can’t use the scroll list … you have to make you own scroll list type script in which you have to track your mouse position and simultaneously move the character list along with that …

You can do like :-

  • In a single gameObject(Parent) you have to make a list ( characters as a child)
  • Now as per the movement of mouse X position you have to move the whole gameObject’s X.
  • And now you have to set the some thing in which like trigger collider when any of the character touch that collider just scale that character to 2x.

I dont know whether this approach is good or not but I have done something like in one of my past project.
Because I also dont have any other solution in my mind except this one