How do I create a clickable object?

I have not exactly made or figured out how it will work yet but there is going to be a script that will alert the player that they need to click the button, and will wait until time runs out and they lose, or until the player clicks the button. I’m guessing this has to do with raycast. I want to know what scripts or components are needed to let the play walk over, click the object, and continue with the script. Please explain all details because I’m fairly new to this. Thank you in advance.

First you need to decide if the object that should be clicked should be a gameobject or a UI-Element. I think you want the latter.

For this you first need to place a button with the new Unity UI system (look for tutorials how to use, for example start here, official tutorials

Then create a script on the camera.

    // add using UnityEngine.UI at the top
    public button MyButton // Drag your button gameobject in this in the inspector
void start()

void ButtonWasClicked()
// whatever you need

You can use this method for you logic, to check if the button was clicked.

Ok, I just found out how to get the button to work and continue the rest of the script. I guess I found the answer to my question… It wasn’t what I was looking for but thank you Headworker for your answer. It might be useful when I do start working on UIs.