How do I create a conversation GUI?

Im really new to this, Ive played with Unity for a couple of days now and Im starting on a 3rd person RPG adventure. SO, I would like to know how to make a window with text pop up over the person Im activating with some button.

And how can I provide my answers in another window?

Please help me.

Also if you could provide a script to add a little animation of a talking face I would be gratefull.

Thanks. /M

One way of doing it is using the Unity Dialog Engine. You can find it here:, but it costs 100$. If you don't afford this, you have to wait for another answer, but maybe some people out there will use this engine for their projects.

it's not hard to do it yourself. you should use GUI class and windows and labels to do this. you can easily change the string of each GUI and show buttons that they do what you want. just take a look at unity's GUI scripting guide and scripting reference about GUI class.