How do I create a key hold input to make the cursor stop looking?

I am making a game for a school project that has kind of an interesting concept. So far I have a Mouse Controller so whenever I move my cursor in any given direction, it rotates in that direction around a planet, which is the level. I want to be able to hold down a key, like Shift, to make the cursor be able to keep moving around, so I can click on objects to “collect,” but it doesn’t rotate around the planet when I move the cursor. This was the best way I could explain it so feel free to ask if something is confusing. I’m just not entirely sure how or where to type the command.

Simple if-statement should do it just fine. You have to find the place in the code where it records mouse movement and rotates the planet, then just create if-statement around it so it will only rotate if your button is not pressed.

    //Read mouse movement and rotate the planet here

If you require more help, please paste your code.