How do I create a light that only casts shadow and doesn't contribute light???

Our lighting is baked with a few very small Mixed/Realtime lights.

We have a few scenarios in our game where we are dynamically loading and unloading assets. Because of this I can’t rely on our baked lighting for shadows. These particular scenes are indoors, it would be a bit simpler if it were outdoors.

I have a couple solutions in mind, which are really just awful, heavy handed workarounds and would really prefer a simple shadow only light.

Does anyone know of an existing solution in Unity? Not a script or something that would take programmer time, but just vanilla Unity Pro? We are a tiny team and it’s not feasible to eat up Programmer time.

Thanks for taking the time to review @AbubakrKhan , but I don’t think that is what I’m looking for, unfortunately. I’ve attached an image to explain a bit better.