How do I create a link in a Kongregate project?


This has been driving me crazy all night. If I want to link back to my site from within my project, I need to open the link in a new tab if it's hosted on Kongregate.

If I just use Application.OpenURL, it opens the link in Kongo's frame which is not good.

I have no control over the Kongregate web page which means ExternalEval calls to JS functions in the web page can't happen.

I have found two solutions that don't seem to require special functions, but just don't work for whatever reason:


This opens the page in a new browser pop-up. Of course, almost all browsers have pop-ups disabled, so this just isn't going to work.


This doesn't appear to do anything.

OK, I figured it out. I can go to bed.


Will open the URL in the same page (forcing the user to leave Kongo.) If anyone has a solution that simply opens the URL in a new window without the call getting recognized as a pop-up by IE, Firefox, and Chrome let me know. :)