How Do I Create a List of Two Strings? C#

I want to create a list of people who die with their name and occupation and then create a gravestone for them.

	public TownDeaths[] ListOfDead;

	public class TownDeaths{
		public string deadName;
		public string deadJob;
		public TownDeaths(string name,string job){
			deadName = name;
			deadJob = job;

This is the code I use but I keep getting errors saying “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” whenever I try to create the tombstones. I would also like to know how to add to the list. Possibly even another string or int? Please and Thankyou!!

Arrays must be allocated before you can use them…

const int MaxDeaths = 20;
public TownDeaths[] ListOfDead = new TownDeaths[MaxDeaths];

If you will have a variable number of deaths then I would suggest using a collection instead of an arrary…

using System.Collections.Generic;
public List<TownDeaths> ListOfDead = new List<TownDeaths>();


// then you can add to the list like this...
ListOfDead.Add(new TownDeaths("Dead Guy", "Undertaker"));