How do I create a menu system using Unity's GUI functions?

Image of GUI

A Newbie Need Help about GUI…

I have this menu screen. And I am absolutely got no idea where to start!
I don’t know hot to create the image background nor how to create the button.

I’ve the images for the button but have no idea how to use it.
Please the expert developer help me explain to get this done.


Oh yes, sorry to make it ambiguous. I mean I’d like to create a menu screen that looks like the one in the image.

Actually I’m working on it now for an iPad application. And I think I’m progressing working on creating the GUI as your guide. Thanks to you. :slight_smile: And the thing for me to concern now is how to drag and drop the hero’s image from the hero images selection to the empty unit selections and loads up all the hero’s data.

You need to follow the Unity GUI scripting guide:

Take care to study that, follow the examples yourself and play around with some of the figures each time to get a feel of what they do. Then you’ll be able to build what you want.