How do I create a mute button?

Hello I need help with a couple of things to do with a mute button:

1.How do I change the image of the button once it has been clicked? and when I click it again how do I change it back?

  1. With this how do I turn off all sounds being emitting from the game. I am not a coder so I don’t know what to do on a script.

  2. How do I save the player preferences, so that when the user exits the game and goes back into it, It remembers what the user did?

I really could use help on this!

Non scripty way to do it:

Create a UI toggle component, and where it says ‘on value changed’ on the bottom of the component, press the + sign, now you want to add the audio listener to this by placing the main camera into the empty slot. Then click on the drop down menu where it says ’ no function ’ click on that, hover over audio listener then select enabled at the top. You now have a mute button. Side note - I have no idea if this is proper procedure, and I expect someone high up the competency chain will yell at me, but it works.