How do I create a shmup in Unity?

I have been making a top-down Shoot’em up for a school project and I’m having trouble figuring out how to create this project. How would I get the player to move on two axes and rotate when I press the left or right arrow keys? How would I make a moving background that changes direction and how would I create a boss fight. I have used Unity for 3 Years (making small projects) and I’m not sure how to tackle this one. Here’s an example of the controls and scrolling background I would like to achieve: (The background starts to change directions at 1:30) RAYSTORM HD EXTRA MODE ALL 1/3 - YouTube

Im so bad at scripting :frowning:

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Well, I just post a link because your requirement are too big. You claim not to know programming, that is where you need to start. Your game will just gain out of your skills. If you cannot even perform basic programming tasks, you will be quickly stuck. Programming is not different than other jobs, if you don’t know, you won’t get far.

People tend to think that doing a game is easy because it is more about interaction and look than the actual programming of a software. This is totally wrong, a game is a software. Just a funny one. So just learn C# to some extents, you do not need to know multi-threading or even how your GPU treats info, just the basic things, and then give it a go.

That was my lesson on life through programming games.

Sir, You can have scrolling background and allow ship to move up to certain area left-right… And for boss fight , just spawn the bass out of the scene and then transform the boss so that it comes under screen area and don’t stop scrolling background.

For basic start you can refer this link :