How do I create a wind/constant force for custom made trees.

I’ve been crawling the web looking for a solution to the following issue:

I’ve constructed a custom tree mesh in maya. Now, I’ve read that in order to get wind to work on custom trees in the terrain editor, they must have separate trunks from leaves. HOWEVER, the issue I run into is that when exporting (in .fbx) into split meshes (one for trunk other for leaves) and then importing into unity, they cannot be added to the terrain editor/painted because unity does not apply a meshrenderer to them. If I import the trees as a single mesh, unity gladly applies the meshrenderer/meshfilter… Is it at all possible to create/import custom trees into unity, paint them with the terrain editor, and have them be affected by windzones???

The Unity 5 Pro Tree Creator have serious limitations so I only advice use it to testing and provisional solution. Mainly because you cant implement a successful LOD or individual tree wind.

The way to manage tree mesh without the Unity Tree Creator is split your mesh at leaves, branches and trunk. Each will have its respective material you need create within the Unity. So you’ll need to import the textures,create the material with Shader Nature and give it to each section.

For best results and be able to pay a monthly fee, try the SpeedTree for Unity. Although I’m not satisfied with the solution presented by Unity. I think they should have this complete solution implemented in Unity Pro 5 by default.