How Do I Create an Airbending Effect

I’m trying to make an avatar game and i have no idea where to start with air bending, or even waterbending for that matter. A couple abilities of air would be shooting a disc of air, creating a bubble of air around yourself and also using airbending to fly. Some water would be making a wave of water and shooting it. Also it would be helpful to know how I would go about bloodbending but that’s not important (for those of you who don’t know what bloodbending is it’s just controlling the blood in another person’s body so you can pick them up and toss them around).

Most of your air bending effects could probably be achieved by exerting force on rigidbodies and adding cool particle effect at the location of the event. Look at particle systems on the asset store to find cool wind effects.

For example “using airbending to fly” is just not applying gravity to your character and adding some kind of wind effect.

Water effects are very tricky. I would recommend checkingout the Fluvio plugin. It’s a pretty awesome looking plugin for water physics/effects and may help you out.