How do I create dividers in the inspector?

In the inspector there are these “dividers” that can fold up to hide their contents. I’d like to add this to my own scripts to avoid clutter.

This is what I’m talking about. I can’t figure out what they are officially called.


Because I can’t figure out what Unity calls these things I can’t figure out how to put them in. Is this something I can do easily or do I need to make some custom editor scripts? Thanks!

For those, you will need to use EditorGUILayout.

For horizontal layout (have them side-by-side):

To have them in collapsible group:

If you do not want to use EditorGUILayout, you can still do simple organization from your normal scripts. For example:
-You can add the attribute [Header(“Header text here”)] in front of your exposed fields to put a title divider.
-You can add [Space] in between exposed fields to add a space between.
-You can add [HideInInspector] in front of exposed fields you don’t want to see in the Inspector.

There are only a few available in UnityEngine, but UnityEditor is for the more advanced configurations.