How Do I Create Elastic Ropes For a Wrestling Ring?

I’m trying to create a wrestling ring in order to make video clips containing the scene with animations. I am trying to make the ropes in the ring elastic and by that, I mean that when a collider hits the rope’s collider, the ropes bends. I created an animation for it but the transform (position, rotation, scale) doesn’t give the ability to bend the rope and make it come back to its place. I put a collider on the ropes and a collider on the object hitting it. I also put a RigidBody on the ropes. I have achieved nothing with this. Any help?

In order to do a real stretch, you need soft body physics.

Unfortunately thats not something Unity supports. You could implement your own but its pretty serious programming.

I suggest you think of another approach. Perhaps you can make the rope sag down so there is slack for it to take up when an object pushes it backwards? Maybe if you make the fighter rebound off it fast enough it isn’t even necessary for it to move backwards.

The other thing you could try is making a sin land bones for the rope where the rope is the skin and inside is a chain of small bones. if you manually scaled individual bones you could “stretch out” and “pull back” the rope itself. Thats probably the closest short of true soft body physics, but you will need to code that much yourself.