How do I create geometric "low poly" style landscapes?

I have been advised to create landscapes and water within unity 3d as opposed to importing 3d models from c4d as the interactive app that we are building will need as much cpu as possible.

The artistic direction requires that the landscape and water are in this following style:

How would I go about setting up a shader to achieve this? or how do I go about adjusting existing settings to get the same result?

I have tried this Low Poly Mobile Terrains with Unity 3.4 - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions
However that doesnt have any depth to the polygons as in the first example.

Any advice much appreciated.


Edit :

The only way to make terrain with flat-shaded faces is to make your own mesh. Each face has to have its own vertices with the normal of the face. Read more here : Go Beyond Retro Pixel Art With Flat Shaded 3D in Unity

There are some solutions in the asset store, or search for unity voxel terrain.

Original answer : As advised by the other responses here, you need to look at and learn about the Unity Terrain System. You will find all the information for this in the Unity Documentation and the Unity Scripting Reference :

I have also made videos on creating terrain :

When you have familiarized yourself with the terrain system, you can look at modifying some of the values in the Set Resolution tab.

For example :

  • create a new terrain
  • browse to Terrain > Set Resolution
  • Set the Heightmap Resolution to 33. This number must be a power of 2 plus 1 (33, 65, 129, etc etc)

Then you will find that you are creating a low-poly terrain.