How do I detect if an Admob Banner Ad has been tapped/opened?

Hello everyone, I was just curious if anyone knew how to detect when an admob banner as been tapped/opened. I want to know because, it appears in a blank space in my game, but since its a simple tap to jump kind of game, your character will jump and keep going for a few seconds before the ad opens up etc, so I wanted to make it where if it is tapped/opened, it will pause the game immediately to prevent dying on accident.

If nobody knows the answer to that, how about detecting when Unity is attempting to open a URL? Because I could probably use that callback to do the pause as well.

Thank you for reading!

public static readonly string onAdLeftApplication = “onAdLeftApplication”;

Admob Ad is touched and will left application

public static readonly string onAdOpened = “onAdOpened”;

Admob Ad is show and opened