How do I determine which frame an animation is currently playing?

Hello gents.

I've finished the rough workings of my movement system and am assigning sound effects to various actions now just to add a bit more punch to my play tests.

I'm trying to determine which frame of my walk animation has just played so that I can use it as reference to fire a footstep sound effect. My animation has two frames I want to use as my points of "impact", but I don't know how to automatically fire a sound effect when those frames come to pass.

I've checked the manual repeatedly (in fact, it's the first place I go before I bother creating a new question), but unfortunately the script reference isn't showing me any practical applications for achieving this.

Could someone perhaps demonstrate to me in a short example code snippet (C# if possible) how something like this might work so that I can absorb the knowledge and get to writing it into my own script? :)

Thank you.

Use `AnimationState.time` for this, so you would get something like this: `animation["walk"].time` and test if it's past a certain amount in time.