How do I diagnose why Unity Remote on Android won't connect to my PC?

I ran through the usual steps:

  1. Run adb devices to make sure the device is connected
  2. Run the Unity Remote on the device
  3. Launch Unity
  4. Run the game

This was working perfectly yesterday and now mysteriously won’t work.

I ran adb kill-server to restart the ADB service and ran through the steps again. No good. Tried restarting the Unity Remote app on the phone. No good.

Is there any kind of diagnostic information anywhere? The app doesn’t indicate a single piece of information about what it is doing and neither does Unity.

Can you “build and run” at all? At least to help localize the problem a little more. Maybe an error from that process will reveal something. As usual “if in doubt you ever be, take away it’s memory”. I’m assuming you’ve restarted all machines involved.