How do I dictate which GUI layer is on top ? (SOLVED)

I have 2 scripts attached to my main camera, one that displays the player health and the other that does a kind of splash damage effect when the player takes damage.
How though, do I dictate which layer is shown on top (in front)

Currently the splash damage one covers the health and I want it the other way around !

Any suggestions please guys ?

Never mind… solved it
(2nd time today I’ve solved an issue after just posting the question…lol)

Anyway, for those having similar problems just use GUI.depth = 0
(any number will do, but the lower the number, the close to the front/top that GUI will be shown.

function OnGUI()
GUI.depth = 0;
GUI.Box(Rect(10, 20, 50, 20),“” + currentHealth);

Hope this helps