How do I disable an array of Buttons?

I have created an array of Button using this code:
public Button allObjs;
I want to disable all of the buttons in the start using code. I’ve tried this:

case 1:
			InstructionsText.text = "PRESS THE RED BUTTON";
			foreach(Button obj in allObjs){
				obj.GetComponent<Button> ().interactable = false;

However this only makes the buttons grey and not clickable. I want to completely disable them.

I tried using the Button.GetComponent().SetActive(false); method but it gives me an error stating that no gameobject found in the button.
Please tell me how do I disable these buttons, Thank you.

I figured it out. Instead of using .GetComponent to set the gameobject to inactive. I used the code obj.gameobject.SetActive(false); and it worked.