How do I disable audio warning spew

Think MMO

When we select characters I have a main camera with an audio listener, then when the character is selected I put up a loading screen while being redirected to the correct server and loading the correct scene. I seem to have two choices.

I disable the camera and then get a spew of “there are no audio listeners in the scene” during the loading screen. OR, if I don’t then as soon as my player spawns in I get a spew of “there are two audio listeners in the scene”. One way or the other I get warning spew and it makes it really hard to debug my code.

How do I make the spew go away. I need it to go away so I can debug my code and yes for about 30 seconds or so there will be the wrong number of audio listeners. I can live with that if I can get rid of the spew.

There’s a little menu bar above the console window that has four buttons on it. “Clear”, “Collapse”, “Clear on Play”, and “Error Pause”.

Enabling the “Collapse” option will make it so that if you get more than one of the same error or warning, they’re collapsed under the same list option in the console window. You’ll still get the spew, but they’ll all take up the same spot in the list, with a number beside it saying how many times it has happened.

As for fixing the problem, why not put the audio listener on an object that the camera is parented to? That way it can still move around with the camera, but disabling the camera won’t disable the audio listener, which in turn means no errors.