How do I display Server Side Highscores

I have been following this tutorial on serverside highscores, Everything works fine however I don’t want to display the result of getScore as a guiText but in OnGUI on a Label. How do I save the result of getScore as a variable so I can load it into the GUI?

Here is the script:

private var secretKey="*********"; // Edit this value and make sure it's the same as the one stored on the server
var addScoreUrl=""; //be sure to add a ? to your url
var highscoreUrl="";    
var manager : Manager_Script;
var scoresText : GUIText;
var once : boolean = false;

function Start() {
	if(Application.loadedLevel == 0){
	manager = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Manager").GetComponent(Manager_Script);
function postScore(name, score) {

    //This connects to a server side php script that will add the name and score to a MySQL DB.
    // Supply it with a string representing the players name and the players score.
    var hash=Md5.Md5Sum(name + manager.playerScore + secretKey); 
    var highscore_url = addScoreUrl + "name=" + WWW.EscapeURL(manager.playerName) + "&score=" + manager.playerScore + "&hash=" + hash;
 	once = true;
    // Post the URL to the site and create a download object to get the result.
    hs_post = WWW(highscore_url);
    yield hs_post; // Wait until the download is done
    if(hs_post.error) {
        print("There was an error posting the high score: " + hs_post.error);
// Get the scores from the MySQL DB to display in a GUIText.
function getScores() {
    scoresText.text = "Loading Scores";
    hs_get = WWW(highscoreUrl);
    yield hs_get;
    downloadedScores = hs_get.text;
    if(hs_get.error) {
    	print("There was an error getting the high score: " + hs_get.error);
    } else {
       scoresText.text = hs_get.text; // this is a GUIText that will display the scores in game.

function OnGUI(){
	if(manager.gameOver == true){
	GUI.Label (Rect (50, 50, 100, 20), "MOO");

The server returns all the high scores as 1 big line of text, in your case hs_get.text. However each line is split by a new line character ’
’ and each field within the line is split by a tab ’ '. So what you need to do is split them up manually. Something like this (c#, sorry not too hot on Java)

//Split the hs_get.text by '

’ into an array of string
string line = hs_get.text.Split (’

foreach (string thisLine in line ) 
   string[] fields = thisLine.Split('	');
   //Split thhisLine by '	' into an array of string
   foreach (string thisField in fields)
     //Do something interesting with the field