How do I do 2D rim lighting in shadergraph?

Hello. I would like a 2D rim lighting effect for pixel art game. I am trying to match the lighting affect of katana zeros dynamic lighting without normal maps I am using URP with 2D lights and specifically want to use shadergraph for this. I currently have a shadergraph that has these effects, but I haven’t figured out how to get the rim highlight color to be the color of the light source. I would assign the color myself. This means if I was walking under a blue light, the highlight color wont change to match that blue. Here are some screenshots. And this is Katana zero. 190647-2022-01-01-00-49-20-katana-zero-google-search.png This is my shadergraph

I figured it out! I made many different materials of different colors. Then I used box triggers to swap the material if the material name contains “Rim”.

@thereadypunk Hello, could you send me a sample of the project or show me how it is done? I’m new doing that type of effects in urp, I really want to learn that katana zero effect