How do I do this?!(Google +1 Unity)

So I bought the android native plugin for unity so I could easily implement a +1 button in my game.
Could someone guide me on what to do now step by step because I only bought the plugin because I thought it would make it way easier to do this.But now I have no idea how to do this.Any help would be appreciated…

First of all Unity itself doesn’t have an “android native plugin”. You probably talk about a third party asset from the asset store. Probably this one? If so the description of that plugin has many links to specific topics regarding that plugin. You just have to click one. For example this is probably what you want to know.

When you ask questions about third party plugins you should atleast include a link to that plugin. However if you have specific problems with such a product you should contact the plugin developer. This plugin is not part of Unity.

Its this one sir

sorry i forgot to include the link.

Never used that asset, but a trivial search led me to online documentation with code examples of a +1 button here:

The documentation also states that there is PlusButtonExample example scene.