How do I download video on AppleTV

Hello everyone!

We are importing our application to the AppleTV platform. Our application contains ~700mb of videos, in the streaming assets folder, which are played with the Easy Movie Texture asset. For iOS and Android, final size of the application is ~800mb. The same goes for AppleTV. Debug version of the imported application works well, when installed directly from the xCode to AppleTV through cable. However, with size of ~800mb application cannot be uploaded to the AppleTV section of App Store.

I found out that size issues are resolved with the use of on-demand resources. The problem is, that on-demand resources functionality is based on asset bundles, which, for some reason, don’t support video files (this thread and personal experience). Other considered option was to download videos directly to local storage. However, AppleTV seem to restrict direct access to the storage, and even more, permanently storing anything larger than 1mb on it.

So, the main question is - how do I download bunch of large videos on AppleTV for later use in application?

Apple TV is an ideal way to enjoy movies and videos that you downloaded into your Apple iTunes application.

I want to discuss some points through which you can easily download videos on your Apple TV.

  1. Purchase and download movies from iTunes.
  2. Import videos and movies into iTunes.
  3. Export iMovies to iTunes for Apple TV.
  4. Converting Files that are iTunes-Incompatible.

By following these steps, you can easily enjoy movies and videos on your Apple TV without using any video downloader.